Feminist Propaganda Everywhere

Every day we log onto a news website. What exactly do we see? Try visiting Yahoo.com or Indiatoday.com or any other liberal website. Chances are the articles you will be reading will have feminist overtones ranging from heavy to low.

Articles like  ‘actress slut-shamed by trolls’Actresses portrayed as victims and heavily supportedFeminist Movie review  with misandrical adjectives thrown in,  display the feminist writers delusions.

It is no wonder that most of these articles are written by women. Just scroll up to check the name of the writer and you will see the gender. So does this mean female journalists are spreading feminist propaganda?

Well… yes.

But do they all have evil intentions behind?

The answer to this is a bit difficult as it is not possible to know the intentions of each and every writer personally. However, it seems that they all  brainlessly, like sheep, continue to parrot the western feminist propaganda for reasons such as lack of creativity, narcissistic pleasures, opportunity to remain trending and relevant etc.

We at IndusNews.org wish to bring to you news free from such vile and frivolous propaganda and misandry.

Let us continue to remain smart and wary of these feminists.



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