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Pushing and touching=Sexual molestation by English journal’s journalist?

After police were trying to control JNU protestors, somehow a female journalist was sexually molested.

“The complaint states that the SHO backed off, before returning again and placing his hand on her chest”

A group of journalists later created a ruckus outside the police station.

Delhi Police Spokesperson Madhur Verma said, according to News18. “It was a misunderstanding and the incident was unfortunate. The Delhi Police will inquire into the matter.”

Pathak also claimed that the protestors did not have the permission to march till Parliament and that the students had turned violent, broken barricades and assaulted the policemen on duty,” DNA quoted him as saying. “Forty-one personnel were hurt.”


Journalists, however, continue to victimize themselves. Here is a video


After New Delhi being exposed as a haven for false rape cases, we wonder what actually happened. Also, there is no video available for the breast touching. Also, we wonder about how a push in a crowded place amounts to sexual harassment?

-Indus News